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Welcome to JoelEnoch.com

Joel is a sport scientist and Coach who specialises in deconstructing sports nutrition and endurance training. His straight forward and inclusive brand of sports science has made him a popular writer for H2Open Magazine and educator with 220 Magazine, Clif bar and Sport Scotland. He also regularly contributes to numerous sports blogs and is a gifted motivational speaker.

Joel’s aim is to provide everyone with the tools to excel at their chosen sport, inspire them to purse their ambitions and to help them achieve their goals and is currently developing a new Triathlon Performance Squad for Scotland (see menu for more info).

Joel’s many qualifications include an MSc in Nutrition from Bristol University and a BSc Sport Science in coaching from Brunel University.

He has successfully competed in the following races:
World Age-Group Triathlon Champs 2009, 2010, 2013
European Age-Group Triathlon Champs 2008, 2009, 2010 (Q:2011, 2012), 2013
Outlaw Iron-distance race 2011
Also of Note:

Sport Scotland Coaching Talent Programme 2013
Lucozade Sport Science Team 2009, 2010
FECUND public Speaking training
Elite S&C and Preparation of the Elite Athlete Certificates (British Association of Sport Exercise Scientists Workshops)
National Beach Lifeguard Qualification