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Specialised Nutrition

Specialised Nutrition

Now available – The joelenoch.com Performance Nutrition Programme for clubs/groups. Described as “The best money I’ve ever spent” you can find more info here: Performance Nutrition Course Information

Joel is a respected authority on all things sport nutrition and is an educator for Sport Scotland, Triathlon Scotland, Horse Scotland, Cliff bar, Warrender BC and feature writer for 220 Triathlon Magazine and H2Open Magazine as well as to many athletes and sports people of all levels.

“I am so pleased that I was able to chat to Joel about my Marathon debut nutrition plan.  He really did put my mind at rest.  The marathon is such a different event to 10000m track and the cross-country races that I am so used to doing.  Nutrition plays a vital part in your training, just as much as the miles you have to put in!  Joel helped me understand just how much carbohydrate, electrolyte, water and the combination of these was needed and at what stage of the race would be best.  He knew exactly where the drinks stations were in the London Marathon and was able to give me a unique plan which was easy to remember.  Unfortunately I had to pull out the Marathon so was unable to put my plan to the test; however, I will be able to when I do run my first Marathon.  I would recommend chatting to Joel about your nutritional needs whether you are an elite athlete, a harden marathon runner or training for your first marathon”   Hayley Yelling (Double European Cross-Country Champion)

Good, appropriate nutrition can accelerate your fitness development and maximise Training. Learn how to heal more quickly and live more healthily. Leave with the answers you came for and so much more, discover elite level information by getting in touch to organise a 1-2-1 or group nutrition session on any subject you chose.

Possible topics include:

  • Nutritional Overview – one session, all the essentials of performance nutrition.
  • Carbohydrate – fuelling for training and before, during and after competition.
  • Protein/Recovery – How to maximise your gains.
  • Fats – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, O6 and O3 and the anti-inflammatory diet for athletes
  • Supplements/Ergogenic Aids – Highlighting the main nutritional supplements, the science behind their use, whether they really work and the gains that you might expect.
  • Sport/Event Specific Sessions – Get your nutrition plan right before, during and after the big day!
  • Q&A sessions – To make sure people get the answers that they want and also to provoke discussion regarding nutrition.
  • Eating disorders in sport: In 2006 Joel was one of the first people in the world to research the number of Triathletes in the UK who had disordered eating. Previously in 2005, he also researched ‘Coaches’ Knowledge of Eating Disorders in Sport’ and discovered a serious lack of understanding for conditions that end both sporting careers and lives. In this workshop, coaches have the opportunity to learn more about the nature of eating disorders, possible causes and their own role if an athlete in their care is suffering with such a condition.
  • One-to-one sessions – Offering Athletes the chance to discuss and review (via food diaries) general day to day nutrition and sport/competition specific nutrition relevant to each particular person.

You can find more info and prices here: NutritionPricing2014

Please get in touch for more information about the content of any of these workshops or to discuss how joelenoch.com can tailor these sessions to meet your needs.To see a video of Joel presenting on Nutrition please click here.