Tue. Jun 6th, 2023


joelenoch.com is an Edinburgh based sport nutrition education and triathlon coaching company started by me -Joel Enoch. Poor at sport at school and not naturally gifted academically, I have achieved through dedication and find a quiet satisfaction in overcoming barriers and achieving the best I can. What do you want to know? I studied a BSc in Sport Science at Brunel University, followed by an MSc in Nutrition at Bristol University and then went on to be a Personal Trainer for 18 months before working for the Lucozade Sport Science Team for 2 years. This included working with several Olympians and interenational level athletes, attending other BASES related workshops and lecturing at colleges and universities. I now write for the hugely successful H2Open magazine, 220 Magazine and am writing a book about Triathlon training.

I used to be a VERY bad 100/200m sprinter which was obviously a waste of energy, as in more recent times I have somehow become a successful Triathlete. swimming biking and running has allowed me to compete on TV, across the UK and Ireland, Holland, Portugal, Hungary and Australia at World and European Championships. My Olympics was the World Championships in 2013 where I finished 10th, and now the ambition is to keep developing as I get older; plus, bring home an international medals along the way.

My passion is sport, sport science and trying to help other people develop and achieve their goals. That sounds really noble, but I don’t mean it to. I have been blessed to go to two universities and develop my knowledge and skills working with Lucozade Sport, as well as meeting influential, knowledgeable and successful people. Lots of people who are passionate about sport have not had these opportunities, so if I can help other people by passing on the knowledge I have gained, that seems like a pretty good thing to do with my time!

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